Historical Sketch

NLCC Historical Sketch

In late February of 2019 a small group of eight Christians meet for several consecutive nights of prayer.  The purpose of prayer for this group was for healing from the hurts of a past ministry and to seek God’s direction together.  This group then met weekly for prayer and worship.  The following month this group became a group of eleven people meeting on Sundays for worship and prayer and meeting mid-week for prayer.  As the group continued in prayer together they sensed that God was calling them to do more for His kingdom than just meet for prayer and worship.  In May of that year the group obeyed God’s call to begin and new church plant in Onoway.

The group sought ways to be in the community for open opportunities to share the gospel to the community.  This included helping the Onoway beautification committee with weeding flower beds, planting flowers and having conversations with the community.  Also in May the group did prayer walks/drives throughout the community; praying for God’s protection over the community and for favor between the church plant and the community to share the gospel.

In June the church plant joined with the Heritage days by passing out free water bottle to the community and engaging in conversations.  It was on this weekend that New Life Christian Community (NLCC) officially launched as a church plant.  Pastor Kevin Henry was the first pastor who was a part of the original prayer group.

Throughout the first summer of NLCC launching NLCC knocked on the doors of Onoway to share the gospel and to invite the community to a viewing of “Peace With God”; and evangelistic video produced by one of the members of NLCC. 

Beginning in July of 2019 NLCC began having their first worship gatherings in the Onoway Heritage Centre.  The church plant began renting one Sunday a month and in October held two worship gatherings a month there.

The church plant felt lead by God to host a live nativity that first Christmas.  NLCC connected with town council who supported this endeavour including offering to have the road blocked in front of the town Gazebo.  The businesses affected by the road closure supported this and also sought to help out.  The Hub (the local bar) offered to host free hot chocolate for this event.  Jon’s Funny Farm blessed NLCC with a great price for bringing in his animals to have a petting zoo for the evening.  While there was a small turnout for the Live Nativity the church plant saw how God provided and used this event to gain further favor with the community and open doors for sharing the gospel.

By the end of 2019 NLCC had 14 people a part of the church body.

In January of 2020 NLCC reached an agreement to rent permeate space at the Onoway Heritage Centre.   The Heritage Centre was very gracious to NLCC in the rental amount.

Covid-19 hit Canada in February of that year.  The following two years were years that forced the church to take a different approach to ministry including fellowship, evangelism, discipleship and worship.  There were a couple times in the next two years that NLCC was forced into meeting online for prayer and worship.  That summer there was a reprieve of mandates and NLCC were once again able to knock on doors to share the gospel. 

Throughout 2020 NLCC developed some of the important founding documents.  In August the core team accepted the founding vision for the church.  September we accepted our Statement of Faith and Distinctives.  Since NLCC decided not to pursue charitable statues the church pursued a Eldership style of church governance which included the acceptance of the first several policies by which the church would govern itself.

In November of 2020 the Onoway Town Council approached NLCC to perform the Live Nativity again in conjunction with the town light up.  NLCC was all to happy to oblige.  However, due to new mandates because of covid the town light up was cancelled.   NLCC saw this still as a positive because we could see that God was continuing to give us favor with the community.

By the end of 2020 NLCC had 15 people a part of the church.  I has always been the prayer of NLCC that our numerical growth would come from evangelism, but to this point God was blessing NLCC with dechurch and people moving into the area.  This too was a great blessing from God.

God continues to do an amazing work with and through NLCC.  We have seen healings, God’s great provision and His favor with us and the community of Onoway. 

Here are some of the continued highlights from 2021 on.


January – NLCC establishes an online ministry including live-streaming worship gatherings.

February – “Peace with God” is repackaged as “Getting Right with God.”

Summer – Continued door to door evangelism.

August – first deacon is chosen by the church.

September – First united worship gathering with Parkland County church: Parkland Baptist, Stony Plain Baptist, Fireside Church, Beach Corner Church, Mewassin Free Methodist, Community Fellowship Church and Hope Church.  In early 2022 this group named itself One Church and called their worship gathering One Church Worship.

December – Planned first Christmas Eve service, but cancelled due to extreme weather.  By the end of the year 23 people (including 3 people from our internet ministry) called NLCC their home church.


January – March – NLCC started a series of open houses for the community.  The church saw more people who had no church home added.