Welcome To New Life Christian Community

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Welcome the homepage of New Life Christian Community (NLCC).  God has been leading us to start a new ministry (church).

Our vision statement is: The purpose of NLCC is to bring glory to God by Evangelizing the lost, Discipling the body, Praying in corporate unity, Worshiping God in spirit and truth, and Fellowshipping together in Biblical community.

When we use the term 'community' we are referring to those who are a part of missional community in NLCC.  If the term 'community' is meant in a different context it will be identified as so.  For example if we refer to Onoway as our community we will say, "our community of Onoway."

What is a missional community?  It is a group of Christians who live life together.  We are involved in each other's lives, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week. This involves getting together through out the week and communicating via phone, email and texting.  We build into each other's lives so that we will become more like Jesus together.  This takes great commitment which we expect of each other and hold each other to.

We do invite anyone who would like to join us in building up the kingdom of God.  A large part of our ministry is prayer and evangelism.  We want to be a Christian Community that grows through making new disciples for Jesus.

If you would like to receive our newsletter to know how you can pray for and support us please sign-up at the bottom of the page.  

For more information please contact Pastor Kevin through our contact page and visit our youtube channel or facebook page by clicking the appropriate icon at the top or bottom of the page.


Live-stream Event

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HOPE In Troubled Times

Tuesday August 31 @ 6:50pm

Call to Fast

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For the month of September we are calling our church for a corporate time of fasting to hear from God for His direction for us as a church.

Note: If you are unable to fast from food for medical reasons you may choose something else to refrain from as a “fast”.

  1. Choose one day a week, in each week of September to fast for 24 hours.
  2. Fast for a 24 hour period. You can choose to fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch or supper to supper.  For whichever period you choose to fast eat that meal on both days.  So if you choose to fast from supper to supper you would eat your supper meal then fast until the next day supper meal, skipping only breakfast and lunch.
  3. For the meals you are fasting from use the time you would normally spend on meal preparations and eating for prayer. Don’t use this time for any other purpose other than prayer.
  4. The prayer times you have in place of a meal can include: reading the scriptures, meditating on the scriptures, singing praises, bringing requests to God or being silent before God.
  5. The purpose for this fast is to hear from God for His direction for our NLCC.
  6. At the end for your fast write down, or video/audio record what you believe God is saying to you. Test what you believe God is saying to see if it is in line with the Scriptures. If God is revealing something to you that He is directing you to share with the church, please do so at our Vision Gathering, provided you are on the NLCC roll.  (To understand what it means to be on the NLCC please talk to pastor Kevin).
  7. If you have any questions about anything regarding this fast, please contact Pastor Kevin.

Are You Saved?

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Do you consider yourself a good person?  It is an important thought that we all should test. Let us examine this idea of being a good person.

Word from our Pastor


Pastor Kevin Henry

It is a great privilege and honor to serve God by pastoring NLCC.  At NLCC we seek to be a community of Christians who live the Christian life by loving Jesus and each other, and those outside of our community of faith.  We seek the Lord's counsel for how we are to love and serve Him.  If this resonates with you, perhaps NLCC is where God may be calling you to connect.