Core Values

Our core values are derived out of God’s love for us.  Therefore we value...

1. Grace (Eph 4:29) – As a church we want to show the fullest meaning of grace to all who are a part of the church and reflect that grace to those who are lost.

2. Freedom (2 Cor 3:17, Gal 5:1) – As a church we value freedom. Freedom that we enjoy through salvation and the ability to serve and worship God freely in the way that He leads us to do.

3. Love (Mk 12:29-30) – As a church we want to show love for each person in the church and to our local community. Since Jesus has shown us great love for us by dying on the cross for our sins we want to show that same kind of deep love for others.

4. Service (Rom 12:11; Gal 5:13; 1 Pe 4:10) – Not only as God called us to salvation but He has also called us to serve Him, each other and our community. Service is a way that we can show Grace and Love.

5. Truth (Jn 8:32) – As we show grace and love to others we do so with truth. We endeavour to seek God’s truth so that we truly know Him and are better able to serve, love and show grace to others.