Special Announcement

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In these days of uncertainty because of covid, lockdowns and vaccine passports people need a place where they can find peace and rest in God's presence.  For this reason we are open to anyone and everyone who wants to worship God in Biblical community and/or to hear the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ, regardless of being vaccinated for covid or not.  Jesus didn't reject people, but welcomed people who came to Him regardless of their state.  Jesus loved all people and because of Jesus so does New Life Christian Community.  If you are sick and need help while you are sick we are willing to help you.  Please call the phone number for Pastor Kevin from our contact page if you wish to join us for any of our ministries and/or if you need help.

Word from our Pastor


Pastor Kevin Henry

It is a great privilege and honor to serve God by pastoring NLCC.  At NLCC we seek to be a community of Christians who live the Christian life by loving Jesus and each other, and those outside of our community of faith.  We seek the Lord's counsel for how we are to love and serve Him.  If this resonates with you, perhaps NLCC is where God may be calling you to connect.